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Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating, Wear Clothes and Colours You Want, Stay Confident with SweatBlock Antiperspirant.

With SweatBlock, you are guaranteed a 6-7 day armpit dryness. Control excessive underarm sweating and reclaim your self-confidence, colorful wardrobe, and dry armpits with SweatBlock antiperspirant.

You can count on SweatBlock to make sure that pesky armpit sweat doesn’t ruin the most important moments in your life.


I got to know about SweatBlock through my cousin Ugo who stays in the US. Ever since I started using this product, it has drastically changed a lot of things about me.


I used to have this excess sweating under my arm.


It was not just embarrassing to me, but it was also uncomfortable.


I think it started during my secondary school days. I will have my uniform drench in sweat especially my armpit.


But then, it was not such a big issue for me. It started affecting me negatively while in university (Abia State University, Uturu).


I could not wear what I wanted for fear of those embarrassing sweat lines.

I had to settle for only clothes that will conceal sweat lines on my pits.


It was not a good feeling at all.


I tried all kinds of antiperspirant that did not work. Some reduced it a bit, but in the end, I was still sweating.


My last resort was inner polo shirts.

I had so many of them.

But one thing about them, before long you will start noticing some funny

odor accompanied by the almighty yellow stains.


I suffered for so many years before my cousin gave me a towellete of sweatblock.

And ever since, I have lived happily.


I don't bother about those sweaty pits anymore.

SweatBlock has got me covered.


If you have read to this point, perhaps you are going through the same 

condition right now, or you know someone who does.


Sweatblock gave me that armpit dryness, not just me, every other person that has used it. It will do the same for you. If you try it and it did not work, return the remaining and I will return your money complete to you.


I am in this to give a helping hand. in my own little way to those who are still going through what I went through.

The feeling for me was not pleasant then, so I feel there are people like me who hate this condition the way I do.


I understand 3% of the world population have this condition. It is known as primary hyperhidrosis. It is an excess concentration of sweat glands in certain parts of the body, like the palm, feet, and the ''baba'' of them all the armpit.


Don't get me wrong, it's not bad to sweat. It's only bad when sweat gets in your way, making your fashion choice, limiting your freedom, toying with your confidence. 


This is where sweatblock comes in.


It keeps your pits dry under any climate, allowing you to wear those sexy clothes you have always wanted to. 


Check this out.......

I kid you not....


SweatBlock did this for me. I have no doubt in my mind it will do

same for you.

I am in this to ensure you have something that works in your hand, but you have to act fast because I have limited quantity available and the price will likely change in the next few hours.


How Is SweatBlock Better Than Other



Over 1 million people around the world who have used this revolutionary product have attested to its effectiveness in keeping people dry for up to 7 days.


SweatBlock is an effective, doctor-recommended hyperhidrosis treatment that is considered the best antiperspirant for stopping excessive sweating.

SweatBlock contains active ingredients that effectively block the sweat glands for a period of 7 days.

 It is made in the USA with FDA Compliant Formula and has 30-day money-back guarantees.

           Read this…..

"I’ve been dealing with hyperhidrosis since I was a teenager. 
I’m 44 now. Until last year, I didn’t know there was 
a clinical term for my problem sweating.

I had been to doctors throughout the years, but the dopes (sorry, but true) never had a clue. It’s been hell. I have a huge presentation interview to give next week, and last week someone recommended SweatBlock .

Already, it has totally eliminated sweating from my underarms. No more sweaty shirts, no more ruining shirts from stains, and especially….. No More Embarrassment!!!''

Mr. Kingsley | Consultant- Lekki.


"Nothing has ever worked for my underarm sweating... until SweatBlock. I have survived for the past years wearing inner polo to soak up my armpit sweating.

Not any more... SweatBlock works!! As I type I am wearing a blue dress shirt with no t-shirt and I am dry as a bone.

I couldn't be happier with your product, and intend to use it forever!''

Gbenga, Lagos Banker'



Sweaty Underarms + SweatBlock = Life Changing Benefits

Here are a few reasons SweatBlock just might change your

life for the good…



No sweat. No embarrassment.



Stop hiding in dark baggy clothing



SweatBlock won’t ruin your shirts 



Up to 7-days of sweat relief.   



Easy to apply – no chalky mess



Formulated for comfortable use

Who Should Use SweatBlock?

We recommend sweatblock for....




Active professionals



Sweaty teens

Field Workers

And anybody who dislikes excessive armpit sweating is welcome to try sweatblock.


Active ingredient: 14% aluminum chloride. Other ingredients: Water, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate, polyethylene glycol 8000, eugenol, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, 0.15% benzoic acid for preservative.


Absolutely! SweatBlock is FDA compliant and has been on the

market for over 10 years.


…..Doctor Trusted. Doctor Recommended


Dr. Keri Peterson, a prominent New York doctor, Women’s Health Magazine contributor, and trusted medical expert for ABC, NBC, FOX, The Rachael Ray Show, and many other news/talk shows explains excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis and recommends SweatBlock.

The SweatBlock towelette…

… your little secret.

Are you ready for a better antiperspirant… one that actually works?

Dab on a SweatBlock towelette, and control excessive underarm

sweating for up to 7 days.

The 100% safe and soothing trade-secret formula – combined with the towelette – gives you results you can count on.


So you can confidently raise your arms – anytime, anywhere, any



SweatBlock is here to set you free once and for all. Only if you will act fast enough.


Limited packs are available for your immediate order and price may shoot up any moment from now. 


A pack of sweatblock containing 8 towelettes will last you

2 months. It is sold for a discounted price of ₦12,450 Naira for a Box.

No need to panic because you are covered:

If SweatBlock does not dramatically reduce your underarm perspiration, please email within 30 days of receiving your order to initiate the refund process.  


Our guarantee applies to overall effectiveness for underarm sweating and not the “duration of effectiveness”, as individual results will vary based on body chemistry.


Qualified refunds will receive the purchase price minus shipping and handling. Only one refund per customer.


The refund amount is limited to the price of 1 box of SweatBlock unless additional boxes are returned.


Refund must be requested within 30 days of delivery.


...You lose nothing for deciding to end your excessive sweating worries….

It’s that simple.

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